Graduate School


Writing Resources

Oral Presentations

Giving a technical presentation (giving a talk) (by Michael Ernst)

How to Give a Good Research Talk (by Simon Peyton Jones et al.)

Hints for Giving a Good SURF, REU, etc. Talk

Ten Simple Rules for Making Good Oral Presentations (by Philip E. Bourne) (by Steven S. Lumetta, adapted from David A. Patterson)

How to Give a Bad talk (by J. Ousterhout, T. Anderson, D. Patterson, channeled by M. Dahlin)

How to Give a Bad Practice Talk (by Milo M. K. Martin)

Bad Talk, Good Talk (by David G Messerschmitt)

Poster Presentations



Advice for first-time conference attendees (by David Notkin)

Conference Etiquette (by Mark D. Hill and David A. Wood)

Attending an Academic Conference (by by Michael Ernst)


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